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the history of Leyton and Leytonstone

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the later Victorian and Edwardian times 1890 to 1919

alcohol consumption and pubs (continued)

1  The Life Story of T J Hunt, An Autobiography, 3rd edition 1937, VHM shelf item L96

The temperance movement was widely supported and vocal, but a section of society rejected it wholeheartedly :

T J Hunt, owner of a stationery manufacturing business, describes a works outing for about 80 men to Stamford Rivers.  “On these brake journeys we used to pull up at a public house about every four miles to rest the horses and have a drink ourselves, so you can guess we all had plenty before we got home.  On this particular day on going back through Leytonstone we pulled up at the Red Lion ((photo below)).  One of the machine rulers, a man named Bill Brenton, who was one of the wittiest men I ever knew, generally got drunk three times during the day.  I told the stewards of the outing that there was to be no dancing or loud singing at the Red Lion as I was well known there, it being the meeting place of my Masonic Lodge of Instruction.  If Bill was in his usual form he was not to be allowed to come in.  After I had got them all a drink I enquired about Brenton and was told that he was in the brake, so I took him out a pint of ale and found him lying on one of the seats.  I called to him and he struggled up on his elbow saying, “Here I am, Gov'nor.”  I said, “Aren't you ashamed of yourself; this is the third time you have been drunk today.  You never see me in that state.”  He replied, “No, gov'nor, but it ain't your fault, you have some damned good tries.””  Hunt was a Past Master of two Masonic Lodges, founder of another, and Life Governor of the three Masonic charitable institutions for boys, girls, and old people. 1  >>

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