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Farmer Road School

(later renamed George Mitchell School)

Notes of a talk by Martin Spafford at George Mitchell School to Leyton & Leytonstone Historical Society on 11th June 2008

George Mitchell School interior

See the website of George Mitchell School

The Farmer Road School building opened in 1903.  (A temporary school on Park Road opened in 1900.)  It was really 3 separate schools : an infants’ school on the ground floor, boys junior on the middle and girls junior on the top floor.   There was an entrance at each end of each floor, with each floor mainly a large hall.  The playground had brick walls dividing the areas for each school.  There were separate entrances for boys and girls, the juniors going up stairs that led to their floor only, the infants going through to the ground floor. (This was standard design and can be seen elsewhere, such as Davies Lane School.)

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