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the history of Leyton and Leytonstone

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1540 - 1642, The Dissolution of the Monasteries to the Civil War

Thomas More the son of the famous Sir Thomas More settled in Low Leyton in 1582, perhaps on Church Road opposite Capworth Street.  He and his family kept to the Roman Catholic faith and were penalised for this 1.   By 1596 the writer Thomas Lodge was living at Low Leyton and he also is thought to have occupied the house opposite Capworth Street 1 and to have been a Catholic.  Leyton House, the same house as the Mores’ or close to it, was the home of others who refused to abandon the Catholic faith : Perhaps this was a quiet corner where both the families and the government preferred them to be.

Landowners (continued)

1  Leyton House and the Walthamstow Slip by David Ian Chapman published by  Leyton & Leytonstone Historical Society