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the history of Leyton and Leytonstone

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1348 - 1540, The plague of the Black Death to the Dissolution of the Monasteries

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The Wealthy

In the 14th century Westminster became the permanent seat of government.  It was separate from, though adjacent to, London, which was itself growing in size and wealth.  Rich London businessmen started to buy land in Leyton.  Adam Fraunceys, Master of the prestigious Mercers Company in 1352, purchased the right in 1359 to hold the manor of Ruckholt 1.  Adam Fraunceys was Mayor of London for 2 years in 1352 and 1353, and returned as one of London’s Members of Parliament 6 times.  He also held the manor of Chobhams to the south of Ruckholt 1.

1  Aldermen of London with Leyton Connections by Frederick Temple, republished by Leyton & Leytonstone Historical Society

Thomas Campion, a merchant tailor, leased the Grange house in 1535 with its parlours, buttery, stable, and hayhouse.  This is another example of a London businessman buying property in Leyton.

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