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the history of Leyton and Leytonstone

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the big houses


The ownership of the prominent houses of the district near the end of this period, in the early 1830s is as follows.

Samuel Bosanquet (1768-1843) owned Forest House but spent most of his time at Dingestow Court in Monmouth and rented out Forest House from 1831.

John Theophilus Daubuz owned the Great House from about 1805 until he died in 1831.  

At Leyton Grange William Rhodes a brick-maker from Hackney was the tenant from 1829 until his death in 1843.  The landlord owner was John Lane.

Catherine Moyer was in charge of Moyer House, apparently 17th century in construction, until she died in 1831.  

Robert Barclay was the owner and occupier of Knotts Green House from 1821 to his death in 1853.

William Cotton rebuilt Walwood House and was to live there until his death in 1866.

John Cotton was renting Walnut Tree House between 1829 and 1831.

‘Manor House’ on Capworth Street was empty in 1830 but John Pardoe moved into it in 1832 1.

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1793 (execution of Louis XVI of France)
to 1837 (start of Queen Victoria’s reign)

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