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the history of Leyton and Leytonstone

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1688 to 1727, the reigns of William and Mary, Anne and George I

the design of houses for the wealthy (continued)

A map of 1728 by Richard Cushee seems to show Ruckholt House with 2 long narrow wings, matching some ambitious landscaping of a kind carried out around Wanstead House about this time.  Archer’s map of 1721 does not show these long wings.

A Leyton House on Leyton Green is said to have been built in 1712, 2 storeys, the main front of 5 windows having attics above, and flanked on each side by flat-roofed bays. It was pulled down in 1915, and the site became a bus garage.  

Park House on Leytonstone High Road is thought to have been built around 1705 though altered later.  By 1845 it was brick-faced, 3 storeys high and 5 ‘bays’ (windows) across and 3 windows deep, the upper and lower halves of the sash windows 3 panes across and 2 high 1.  The house was described as 2 storeys high when it was the home of the widow of Nicholas Magens (also known as Meighin); she died in 1779.  

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1  drawing by R Old