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1965 to 1979

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Community life

Widespread car ownership made it easier to belong to a leisure interest or spiritual community supported only by enough people to form a national body.  An increase in the number of television channels and radio stations, and the commercial strength of newspapers and magazines offering a community of viewpoint (the ‘Daily Mail’ for example) lessened the need, or apparent need, for a social life of face to face meetings with others in groups or with one or two friends.  

This is the period in which the Boy Scouts, Boys’ Brigade and similar organisations appeared to lose their support.  The Eton Manor Clubs on Ruckholt Road closed 1965-67.  They had had an ethos of sporting excellence, patriotism and social responsibility 1.

1  Taking it on the Chin, managers and old boys of Eton Manor write from the First World War front, with a brief history of the Eton Manor Clubs up to the present day by David Boote, published by L&LHS