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1965 to 1979

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The first restaurants offering the exotic cooking of China and the Indian subcontinent arrived around 1964.  H Weng opened about this time at 554 Leytonstone High Road.  Between 1966 and 1969 Koh Seng opened at number 639, Foo Chow at 535 and the Bombay Restaurant at 595.  In Leyton High Road the Pings Chinese restaurant opened at number 70 between 1966 and 1969, and at 773 Leyton High Road Lucky Garden, and the Golden City at 2 Hainault Buildings. The Shahee-Mohol restaurant opened at 380 Lea Bridge Road 1965-66 and in 1969 Sundo at 197 Lea Bridge Road.  The ‘Spice Centre’ selling ingredients opened at 374 Leytonstone High Road at some time between 1966 and 1969 1.

Ethnic mix

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A large proportion of the poorer areas of Leyton were rebuilt and in the process the population changed, with many people originating in former British colonies.  For many community life meant the life of their ethnic community, for some an extended family with relations in the same household and living nearby.  Mosques and Christian churches were established with membership drawn from one ethnic connection.  These could offer a full and strong community life for members.  To reach a sustainable congregation a church might draw on a wider area for membership, taking advantage of widespread car ownership as well as public transport.