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1965 to 1979

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Lost heritage

In 1964 Forest House, dating back to the 17th century, was demolished.

The Caribonum factory, the 2nd major commission for Wallis Gilbert and Partners, with Egyptian styling, was demolished in 1980 after Caribonum merged with the Swiss company Pelikan and moved to Peterborough 1.  That was the same year Wallis’s Firestone factory on the Great West Road was hurriedly demolished to prevent its listing 2.

1  ‘The Road to the Hoover Building (Wallis Gilbert and Partners – Architects) 1932-1992 / From Industry to Commerce / 60 Years of Evolution’ by Kevin McSharry, Building Essay – December 1996, MA Art in Architecture, University of East London, extract at Vestry House Museum

2  The Egyptian Revival by James Stevens Curl