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Between the World Wars 1919 – 1939

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the history of Leyton and Leytonstone

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The first MPs for Leyton, elected in 1918, were Lt Col C L Malone, Coalition Liberal in the Leyton East constituency, and Lt Col Harry Wrightson, Conservative Unionist, for Leyton West.  Malone entered the Royal Navy in 1905 and took the Admiralty flying course in 1911.  He led a raid on Cuxhaven on 25th December 1914.  

In 1922 the member elected for Leyton East was E E Alexander, Conservative, and for Leyton West J D Cassels, Conservative.  In December 1923 Cassels was re-elected for Leyton West but Leyton East fell to Labour (Major A G Church).  In October 1924 E E Alexander regained Leyton East for the Conservative Party.

In 1929 the Labour Party won both Leyton seats, Archibald Fenner Brockway of the Independent Labour Party in the East constituency and the Rev Reginald Sorensen, a minister of the Free Christian Church, in the West.  He was to be MP for Leyton West 1929-31 and 1935-50 and for Leyton 1950-64.  

In 1931 the Conservative Party regained both Leyton seats Sir Frederick Mills in the East and Sir W Sugden in the West.

The 1935 Parliament lasted until 1945.  Local MPs were the Conservative Sir Frederick Mills in the East and the Rev R W Sorensen in the West for Labour.

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