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History of Leyton

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1 Grove Park Buildings
Hutchison green-grocers c1910-c1922
H Jordan greengrocer c1925
C Godfrey greengrocer c1935
George Nellie greengrocer c1937-c1950
D & K green-grocers c1970-1984
SAK convenien ce store 2013

2 Grove Park Buildings
George King butcher c1910-c1935
Frederick King butcher c1937-c1976
Chipwicks fish and chip shop c1984
Happy Valley Chinese takewaway 2013

3 Grove Park Buildings
Heckford grocers c1910-c1939
Cook’s drapers c1950-c1970
U D Design Kitchen Units c1976-c1984
apparently not occupied 2013

4 Grove Park Buildings
Pelling oil & colour shop 1906-c1935
Hearnden domestic stores c1937-c1939
domestic stores and oil & colour shop c1950-c1970
Dometric electrical dealers c1976
secondhand dealer c1984
apparently not occupied 2013

Grove Green Road shops

more shops on Grove Green Road

Grove Green Road shops 9

Grove Green Road has shop premises on one side, between Ashville and Southwest Roads.  Alex Wilkinson has memories of, and has researched, the shops that used to be there.  The photographs were taken in October 2012.  Changes continue.

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